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The Wedding Video FAQ

  • How much of a deposit is required?

    First contact us and make sure the date and time that you want are available, then to book our services, the deposit is 50%. This down payment locks you in for that date. The remainder of the bill is due before you receive the finals DVDs, Blu Rays or Flash Drive.

  • Why does NightOwls Media offer one base package?

    With our years of experience both filming and editing weddings, we have it down to a science. We know how many hours of footage we need to make the perfect wedding film. Our package includes enough time to film the special moments leading up to your big moment and the fun celebration after! We understand that not every couple is the same, of course, so we offer certain add-ons and options if you find that you need more than our base package provides.

  • Do I lose all the speeches and vows or will I get those?

    With your final product you will receive the edited film as well as the following in their full forms as SPECIAL FEATURES: Ceremony Vows, Reception Toasts / Speeches, First Dances, Grand Entrance, Bouquet & Garter Toss, Cake Cutting and Interviews (if shot).  If you would like anything else specific, please let us know ahead of time.

  • Can we choose our own music?

    We get this question frequently and the answer in most cases is no. If we use a song that we don’t own a license for, it could get removed from the internet and result in five figure fines in some cases. We have access to a very extensive library of songs that we can use legally and you’re free to share wherever you want. In addition to that, we think it’s so important not to use the same songs over and over and this will give your film an authentic feel that we love to provide. Keep in mind that every video you’ve seen from us online uses music we have chosen. We ask that you trust us as filmmakers and let us make these initial choices. We’re sure you’ll love it.

  • Do you shoot weddings outside of northern Illinois? Out of state?

    Yes. We shoot events all over Illinois, both suburban and downtown Chicago and have had the pleasure to shoot many weddings out of state (including Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Colorado, Georgia, Florida and more). Contact us and we can work out details and travel fees.

  • I don't want to interview my guests. Do we have to have interviews?

    No. Interviews are done only at the request of the Bride and Groom. If you do want interviews with your guests we would be happy to do so. It is best done with a second cinematographer to ensure that we are still be able to get dancing and other moments with you and your family while the interviews are going on.

  • I will be very nervous before the wedding ceremony; do we really need to shoot the pre-ceremony footage of the bride getting ready?

    No. The pre-ceremony footage of the Bride and/or Groom getting ready is part of the package for people who wish to take advantage of it. We do highly recommend having us there for your preparation as some of the most memorable and heart-warming footage is shot at this time of the day. A second camera operator comes in handy here, so both of you are covered.

  • Some videographers take 9 months to a YEAR to turn around the wedding video - is that what I can expect?

    It might be the industry norm, but definitely not with us. The finished film is presented to you in approximately 6-12 weeks, (rush orders are available for a nominal fee) once we receive all requested materials we need to use for the final film.

  • Will we be able to hear our vows?

    Yes. We use a wireless lavaliere microphone on the Groom to get the clearest, cleanest audio to hear everything you say to each other.

  • Do you use bright lights on the cameras?

    No. Our cameras have excellent optical chips and lenses. We feel that lights on the camera makes the video look cheap. We will use lights on stands for the key moments of the reception if there is not enough light in the hall to ensure that you will have good quality film. Some locations such as churches, do not allow using any lighting at all. We are well versed in all the limitations of different locations, and in getting the best video captured by our professional video equipment.

  • Can we separate the hours in the package?

    Unfortunately no. Our filming hours are consecutive. This is done to ensure that we don't miss anything during the day.

  • How long do you keep the footage?

    The edited product is kept indefinitely and the raw footage is kept for 30 days after completion. Raw footage is available for purchase.



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