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It’s your wedding day! Or, it will be someday soon! And that’s something to be excited about! Go ahead and smile, shine, jump up and down. This is how we want you to feel each and every time you think about your wedding day and each and every time you watch your wedding film. The day will be magical, you will be at your best and our videography team will strive to film and capture that for you in a unique and personal way – your smile, your laugh, your love is one of a kind and your film will be, too. Our couples come from all walks of life and celebrate their love in a HUGE variety of ways and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


We offer two packages, The NightOwls Media package with Jaysin exclusively at the helm as your lead shooter (FYI, he’s known to jump on the dance floor) or The NightOwls Associate package, fronted by our talented and charming associate shooters.

Our packages begin at $4295.


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Both Packages Include:

• Up to 10 consecutive hours of filming


• Two cinematographers


• A beautifully edited film (8-12 minutes)


• Special features (key moments in their entirety: Vows, Toasts, First Dances).


• Your film can be loaded on-line to share with everyone you know (and we know it’ll make them jealous!), and presented to you on an impressive flash drive.


Add Ons

The Highlight Trailer The most popular a la carte item add on is the Highlight Trailer. Edited and delivered within a week after your wedding, your highlight trailer shows a quick look at your day and completely shareable online to your friends and family! Feel free to check some of our trailers out here.
Same Day Edit We’ll have a dedicated editor with our film crew the whole day, editing your moments as they happen so you have a video for everyone to watch that same night at your reception (and ever after!)
Unedited Raw Footage We’ll give you everything. The whole kit-and-caboodle. The whole enchilada. The whole awesome shebang! You’ll get all video and audio from the day, presented on a hard drive. In 10 years, if you want a new edit made, this makes it possible. It can also just be super interesting to watch!
Instagram Teaser This is a 60 second teaser, just enough to excite the masses and have people dying to see more! You’ll be able to share on your own Instagram and we’ll put it under ours, skyrocketing your wedding day to almost frenzied levels!
Additional Cinematographers More hands on deck means more coverage. Add an additional shooter to capture more moments with different angles to ensure nothing is missed. This is excellent bang for your buck and depending on your day, you will find no better way to capture it completely than with another shooter.
Full Ceremony Edit The long form, full ceremony edit is the original way wedding videos were made and showcase the entirety of the ceremony. If a DVD or Blu Ray is purchased, this edit will come on a separate disc.
Super Slo-Mo VideoBooth Nothing less than the highest quality! Filmed on an Epic RED at 300 frames per second, the Super SloMo gives your guests an amazingly unique experience that only NightOwls Media can deliver. Complete with props and background, this makes an amazing music video, available online!
Additional Time If 10 hours isn’t enough, don’t worry! You can add ahead of time if you know you’ll need it, but even the night of, even if we’re packing up, you say the word and one (or both) of our shooters will stay! Extra helpful if speeches run long, a surprise pushes your timeline back or you decide ‘Hey. I want a sparkler send-off with fireworks, live doves in the rain and you need to film it!’
DVDs and Blu Rays Your package comes with future-proof data files on a flash drive and we also accommodate people who want something tangible that can be held and shown off. Custom, personalized cover included.

Contact us for your digital Package Guide – including these Add On options and more with pricing and FAQ.


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